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[quote:3b2c7c67a5="Einstein"]I have a need to attach a thin (20-24 ga?) hot wire up to 12V switched accessory source. The (+) wire that will be attached has an inline fuse. There is also a ground wire.

The cable is running down the left side of the dash. It would probably reach over to the driver's side too.

What's the easiest way to accomlish this?

I've seen the fusebox with it's itty bitty fuses (and no puller?) Is there a way to plug in or do I have to strip a wire behind?

Or should I go over behind the passenger dash and attach to the accessory socket?

It's for a Wayfinder V7000 Compass/Thermometer/Barometer/etc.


You'll need a test light. Here's the procedure I'd use:

1. Open the hood and remove the lid to the fuse box.

2. Read the inside of the fusebox cover, it has a diagram of what the fuses are for. The diagram will also show you where the fuse puller is.

3. With the car off and key removed pick a fuse that would withstand the extra load introduced by your accessory (even though it has it's own fuse).

4. Test the fuse for power, if it has power, it's constantly on, avoid that one and move on to the next fuse. Continue procedure until you find a few fuses that do not have power in the off position.

5. Make sure all existing car features are turned off like AC, wipers, radio, etc. Turn key to ACC and use test light to check the fuses you selected in step 4. Make note of any that are now lit, eliminate ones that are not and move on to next step.

6. Put the car in the next key position but do not start it. Make note of any fuse that is still lit, eliminate ones that are not and move on to next step.

7. Start the car. While running, check remaining fuses. Make note of any fuse that is still lit, eliminate ones that are not and move on to next step.

8. Turn off the car and remove the key. Double check the fuse(s) you've selected now have no power.

9. Find a wire underneath the fuse box that you believe connects to the fuse you selected. Check this wire with the test light just like in steps 4-8 above. If confirmed, this is your wire!

10. Run the wire for your new accessory through the cabin, behind dash and through a firewall grommet. A shop light and a friend are handy for shining the light into firewall grommets from the other side so you can see where to poke the wire. Run the wire all the way to the fuse box.

10. Get yourself a wiretap connector at the hardware store like the one in the picture below...

11. Place the wiretap on the fuse box wire you chose and slide the new accessory wire into the wiretap as well. Close the tap and use your test light to check for juice on both sides of the tap as well as the new accessory wire. If all is well, use some electrical tape around the wiretap and use some zip ties to secure the new power wire all the way back to your accessory.

If all went well you'll now have a reliable power connection that turns off automatically with the key. :D

P.S. You can use the accessory socket by pulling dow the panel under the dash with the 2 knobs. and reaching in from behind. I'd still use the test light to ensure I had the right wire.
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