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Help with Camber Kit for 07 SC...

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Can anyone help with Camber Kit suggestions. Part numbers and websites would be very helpful. I installed my Tein drop springs, and I need to get a camber kit front and rear for my 07 SC, but I want to make sure the $537 installed price the shop is giving me is within reason. I started to order my OEM fogs and spoiler from them, but after some searching was actually able to find them new for half the price online, so I thought I would at least do some price shopping before having honda order them.

I appreciate any help... I tried searching the forum, but that 30 second between posts rule was killing me... Please help ;)
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I wanna know how you fit Tein springs on a SC when they dont make them for 07up unless you mean the coilovers.

Anyways, search ebay and 537 is way too much, you can do it if you put on the springs, its easier, then for $50 get an alignment.
I wanna know how you fit Tein springs on a SC when they dont make them for 07up unless you mean the coilovers.

Anyways, search ebay and 537 is way too much, you can do it if you put on the springs, its easier, then for $50 get an alignment.
I have always wanted to mod my cars, and this is the first one I am actually doing, so I am a serious newbie. I have some basic mechanic knowledge, and just enough to be dangerous apparently.

I just wanted to say thank you for the education. I trusted the customize shop that I found here in town to order the correct parts and I made sure they understood that I had the SC. When I did the install, I actually took my right strut into them because it didn't seem right, and they advised me on how to install it improperly, which I didn't know they were doing at the time. After your response to my post, I did my research, and found that only Eibach makes a proper kit for my SC, so I found a good deal online and had that kit rushed out with a spc camber kit, and I actually had to reinstall everything all over again. I am taking the Tein kit back to the shop that ordered it, today, and getting my money back or raising some serious hell, if not both. I really appreciate you letting me know, and I will have to chalk another night of hell in my garage up as a learning experience. I did cut my install time in half the second time around ;)

Anyway, I have decided to research and order all my own parts from now on, after learning the hard way. Again, a huge thank you for saying something and not assuming. Besides reminding me that if you want something done right do it yourself, you might have saved me even more headache and heartache down the road if I had kept rolling on parts not made for my vehicle.

Proper springs and camber installed now, with plans to add proper dampers next. Which I will be doing a great deal of research on this forum and else where before purchasing... LOL ;)

So, spread the word on these guys... Not only did they order the wrong parts, but they advised me on how to move forward with the install when I was questioning why it didn't seem right to me.
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Fill out your profile!!!

And here:

Started my profile ;), and you can see a couple of pics of my E at:

I haven't taken any pictures of the new install yet, but there isn't really any difference in the way it looks externally, from the link above, but there is a big difference in the way it handles and rides. I did get a couple of pics during install, and I have the OEM spoiler and fogs in my garage, that I was going to install this weekend, before this issue blew up, so hopefully I can get those items done and get some updated pics, plus those couple of install shot, once I recover from the ass kicking I experienced in my garage last night until about 3am ;). I really just wanted to get that reply to this post up as a cautionary tale for any other SC owners thinking about mods. Or, any one who thinks they can trust a professional to get the right stuff for them... It's worth the effort to educate yourself and know exactly what you want before stepping foot in a shop or parts house.
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First off: No problem on the help, I was wondering were the answer was at, lol.

Second off: Not all shops are dumb, but even the best make mistakes. As you said, research all you can, ask on here, then buy, it makes it so much easier.

Glad everything is better!

Second off: Not all shops are dumb
Didn't mean to imply that they all are... I have just had a bad run of luck with shops in my area. The first shop that I had my wheels put on at forgot to order some parts for me, and gave me terrible customer service, so I went to the shop mentioned above, and then they forgot to order my parts, and when I called, after 3 weeks went by, to see where my parts were, they then ordered the wrong parts, and put me through this headache, so I am just agro' right now about bad customer service and shops not seaming to care ;).

My Step-father has his own shop, so before I moved to CO, I had a place I could take my vehicles that I trusted and knew quality work was being done. So, to have the last two places I tried doing business with, mess up and not even say they were sorry is just disappointing. I did enough work in my step-dads shop as a teen to be able to do much of this stuff myself, but I never really liked working on cars and would prefer to pay someone else, if I could just find someone reliable. I don't mind working on my motorcycle, but cars are a pain in the ass most of the time IMO. I think for the time being I will just have to suck it up and do the research and work myself to prevent this type of thing from happening again. And, before I freak out on someone... LOL ;).
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