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Hello, I am new to this forum, any advice is appreciated.

2004 Honda Element EX
I have side-to-side vibration at the driver's side at 50mph+
There is slight drifting to the left as well

Recent fixes done:
-new left front axle
-new JDM engine dropped in after head gasket/overheating issue

1) I went to get a wheel balance at Mavis Discount and they told me that I need to get an OEM rear right Knuckle Assembly replacement from the dealer.

2) The dealer quoted me $3k to replace the entire rear right control arm which is really expensive. At the same time, they suggested the engine motor mount be fixed at a fair price, so I went for that fix first in hopes of removing the vibration issue.

I am thinking of taking it to another mechanic to look at the rear right control arm/knuckle assembly but I don't want to be quoted more repairs than I need to as I just spent a lot on the engine/axle.

Can anyone kindly tell me which part exactly is broken from the pictures?
Do I just need this adjustable right control arm, or do I need this rear right knuckle instead?
Is it both or something else altogether?

Please advise. Thank you!


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Those arms look to be in pretty good shape from a rust perspective. I cannot tell if they are bent in any way from the pics. The bushings don’t look too bad considering it’s a 2004, but they certainly aren’t great. What do any of you other guys say?

I would definitely get a second opinion, and can see no reason why you would have to replace the knuckle assembly if it looks like these arms. But you might need to replace a worn ball joint (which “the book” says requires replacing the whole knuckle). While it’s a pain in the a$$, you can replace just the ball joint.

You should probably also check the bearing wear on each wheel. Those can also be replaced but have to pressed out which isn’t easy.

Also, how many miles?
Thank you. It has 100,400 miles. I guess I will have them focus on the bushings and upper control arm (?) and not the knuckle assembly like Mavis said.

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The left rear lower control arm inner bushing is the one that looks like it is coming apart, the right side looks good in comparison. The bushing can be replaced without necessarily replacing the whole arm; if someone is creative they could potentially do it without removing the control arm from the car. Why do they want to replace the knuckle; bushings worn out there? They can also be replaced. The bearing assembly is not pressed ito the knuckle; it may seem like it when trying to remove it because of rust. At 100,000 miles, I wouldn't expect the bearings to be bad.
Thanks, I will try to get a mechanic to replace the bushings starting with the one you noted!

Mavis Discount Tire said that they couldn't balance the wheels until the rear right knuckle was replaced.
I am not sure how it is damaged, it is unclear.
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