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So I bought a 2005 Civic Hybrid Cluster to swap out my 2002 Cr-v cluster with, and I have the complete wiring diagram for the Hybrid Cluster, including what each of the wires do (Not just colors) and was wondering if anyone had the hook-up to the wiring diagrams of the green and blue plugs on the back of the Cr-v 2002-2004 Instrument Cluster. I only have colors on the back (since i can see the wires) but I have no idea what each one specifically does (the colors do not run and match for the 2005 Hybrid, tried that) and as far as everyone calling me "crazy" and "it can't be done" or "you're ugly" I want you to know, it's been done before, same exact swap, a 2002 Cr-v with a 2005 Civic Hybrid Cluster.

And I'll show you a pic of why the Hybrid one is better:

Regular 2002 with Amber Gauge Lights.

Hybrid 2005 Civic:
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