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Back in late 2009 or early 2010, I bought a 2008 EX AWD Atomic Blue. I drove it for about 4 years and really enjoyed it. I eventually got the urge for something a little nicer and sold it to get a 2014 Subaru Forester. Now we have a nice motorhome and need a car to tow behind it. I got a great deal on a 2011 CR-V from a buddy about 4 months ago that we planned to dinghy / flat tow behind the motorhome. The CR-V is a nice little car, but it is not an Element.

My wife and I want to buy a couple of E Bikes and they are not cheap. I hated the idea of having them on a bike rack on the rear of the CR-V exposed to the weather and thieves. Plus the bike and rack adds another 3' - 4' to a 40' motorhome pulling a 17' car. I kept thinking about how nice it would be to have another Element to keep the bikes inside and keep my rig as short a possible.. .

I've been checking the various sites looking at used Elements on and off for the last year. I got a little more serious a couple of months ago and have been looking at least once a week. My ideal find would be an '09 - '11 EX Tango Red, less than 80,000 miles, no accidents, 1 owner, dealer maintained with records, and within reasonable driving distance. I did not care if it was FWD or 4WD. Yesterday I came across a private seller with a 2011 EX 4WD 5AT in Tango Red Pearl . It is a 2 owner, dealer maintained, no accident vehicle with 75,500 miles. I found it the same day it was posted on Auto Trader and emailed the owner immediately. It was 220 miles from home and I drove up and bought it today. It is very clean, has a good carfax, and service records from local Honda Dealer. I gave the man $13,500 for it and it is now a 3 owner! Price may be a bit high but clean ones with well under 100,00 miles are getting harder and harder to find. There was 2 other people that wanted to look at it if I did not buy it.

When I bought the CR-V from my buddy, i bought all the equipment (base plate, aux brake system, wiring harness for lights, battery charging system) to set up the CR-V for dinghy / flat towing. I also bought a nice Kenwood DVD player, Alpine PDX amp, Focal speakers, and front and rear cameras. I never installed any of it as my heart was not in the CR-V. Now it all goes in the new Element.! Everything will fit except the base plate and dash mount kit which I can get swapped out fairly easy.

Along with the towing equipment and audio equipment, I'll be adding the screen to protect the condenser and group 24F battery to support the Alpine PDX. I still have 2 different internal bike racks that I used on my '08 so I'm good there. I'd love to get another carpet set from South Coast Accy. Are they still in the carpet business for Elements? Also got to get both rear seats out and stored in the attic as this is strictly a 2 person utility vehicle for me!
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