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Hi Dr. Nick! :)

Just wanted to take a minute to say hi and show some pics:

All dressed up and everywhere to go:

half as muddy as she's ever been (had to drive back out...):

what my E was meant for:

and for:

and whom:

The outdoor pics were from a road trip up into the high country as far as we could go until the snow drifts stopped us. The E ran like a champ...handled the light off-roading no problem (I think it even kicked into 4wd a couple of times, but there's no way of knowing) Timber and Brook (the dogs) had a blast playing in the snow - so did their dad :)

2003 EBP EX 4WD
235/70/R16 Toyo Open Country tires
fog lights
side steps
roof rack
alarm/ entry
carpet mats
cargo tray
cargo cover
cabana and poles
privacy curtain
table legs
stainless door trim
exhaust tip
trailer package
mud flaps

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love them pix, thank you sooo much for sharing.. I can not help but smile when i see my E's twins out there.. of course locally i scream... i did drive past another blue E locally and thought i would scream.. how could they sell another one in the same state.. hee.. i know i want it all to my self!
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