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ahh, another seeker!
i do hope you find the light, so you can share it. i'm still working on it, squeezing the brain while waiting for some replies and then some...

i'm still trying to understand the headlight wiring diagram, on how to reroute the DRL system to another light setup, which i am thinking of is an angel eyes kit (or for others, LED strip, whatever)

this guy (probably) just disengaged the DRL by pulling out the fuses:

as detailed on GXD's thread endorsed by coffee dragon

he had the projectors, the last time he mentioned was he just turn it on and off and have no DRL.

there's this thread from another forum that deals with using the HID's as DRL also.

im assuming that you're from here eh?:roll:

of course, their system is different from our system, so in short, the quest still continues on how to tap and re route the existing DRL to another light.

unless there's this thread that detail that already that i have not found yet...
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