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Looking at a used 04 Element auto y pkg with 37400 kms from the local Honda dealer. He offered me $9700 for my 06 Subaru Impreza and will not budge one inch on E price at $ 17900. I got up and walked out and told the manager to contact me when the E is still sitting there a month from now. One thing that concerned me is the brakes have only 40% left on them, considering I am still on the original brakes on the Subaru with 107000 kms?? I always start the car buying with such enthusiasm and end up feeling frustrated and slimed by car dealers. Not a lot to choose from the private sales. No wonder the car industry is in the toilet, the whole experience with dealers is BS. Can't even think of buying new with MRSP on a new one in the $33,000 range. I guess I'll stick with Subaru and not contribute any more money to the economy.

Okanagan Valley BC
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