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Thanks for the assistance!!!

It happened in DT LA (Solvang has yet to have any skyscrapers that I know of...) and it was my right passenger side that got hit. I tried to catch up with him at the stop sign but he scooted. My car is parked across from where I am taking the foto.

Just for forum legalities, the company on the truck still is entitled to due process so please don't pester them. I may let the insurance company handle most of this one as I have full coverage. It just I'm unsure how to make the claim so that I give them no wiggle room on fault.
Have you try calling the company and ask for the list of vehicles in that area/date/time?

Laz Express in Los Angeles, California (ca)
Name: Laz Express
Street: 2020 Bay St
Los Angeles, ca 90021-1706
Phone: (213) 833-7820

Hope it helps.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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