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Hitched up and ready to go.

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I've never towed with a front wheel drive before. The boat is real light, so hopefully, I won't have any problem getting it back up the ramp.

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The E pulled that little boat like there was nothing behind it. Only problem is the hitch acts like a giant stethescope and every noise or squeak from the trailer or hitch sounds really loud inside the vehicle. No problem getting up the boat ramp with it either.

I caught 10 big crappie and they sure was good.
Was your hitch dealer installed? I've been thinking of getting one, but the dealer price seems to be exhorbitant and I'm not sure I'd want to try the installation on my own. Not even sure who does that type of work.
Installation was very simple. 2 bolts on each side and a U bolt in the center. I got the hitch and trailer light wiring harness for under $200 from
Wiring harness is simple too. Just plug it into existing connectors. There's a EOC sponsor who advertises at the top of the page About the same prices.
I've seen those hitches that have a rubber cushion that the pin slips threw. I wonder how those would be? Hey! Your Bobbers DOWN!
I had the same noise issue while towing with my element too...... I tried the rubber filled hitch mount to no avail.... I solved it by sticking a thin piece of 040 aluminum in with the mount when I slide it into the receiver... works like a charm & takes up that tiny gap that causes all that ruckus!

good looking rig you got there!
Anti-rattle trailer hitch pin

I got one of these at my local U-Haul store for $17.95. It works great.
I got one of these at my local U-Haul store for $17.95. It works great.
That's about the neatest thing I ever saw.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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