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Hi to all, good to be able to publish in this forum.

I own a 2006 Honda Element EX-P and am interested in installing a Genuine Honda Security System, after searching by internet, I found that the most recommended option are the P/N 08E51-EP4-XXX systems used for all the Element line, these are available in the store HandA, but unfortunately I live in Mexico and they don't do overseas sales, after search a bit more I found that on the website of eBay there is a seller offering the same product (+ corresponding harness) by $175.08... Here comes the problem:

In the installation manual "ALL 31089-33738" for 2006 EX and LX models, indicates that the part number is P/N 08E51-EP4-107, but the eBay seller offers 08E51-EP4-101 model for all models from 2006 to 2011.

1.- The part "101" can be installed in the models of 2006-2011?
2.- What are the differences between the parts "101" and "107"?
3.- Anybody has already been installed this secure system previously?

I already sent a question to the eBay seller asking more details and if he ensure if the part 101 can be installed in 2006 models as it says in the ad. If I receive an answer definitely will post in the forum.

If I have a positive response, I will publish the installation process.

Best wishes and I hope your answers or comments.


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