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We found our lowest rate through E-Loan, Honda Credit wouldn't match it and our dealer wouldn't accept we were about to walk (there is only one Honda dealership in town that would accept E-Loan, and they were about to get our business)...but our salesman and the finance guy at our dealership said "Give us a day, I bet we can match it".....well 4 hours later they called us back, not only had they matched it, but they had found a lower rate!

The kicker is that it was at a local bank, and not the one that we have our accounts with!

We were so happy, they really went the extra mile to keep our business. We hung up the phone and drove to the dealership, two hours later I drove off the lot in my E!

There is a huge post about financing and such on the boards, and someone posted that the credit rules had changed a you have a 30 day window while searching for the best rate on a car or home loan....I had been a bit concerned about applying for 5 different car loans as we will be buying our first home in the next two years and diddn't want a ton of hits on our credit report, but my worries were put to rest.
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