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Honda Tops Toyota in Customer Loyalty

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According to a new survey by Consumer Reports, Honda has surpassed Toyota to become the number one brand for customer loyalty in the U.S. According to the new report performed in April, 68 percent of current Honda owners said they would "most likely" buy another Honda – up one percentage point. Toyota slipped to third place dropping 13 percentage points from 70 percent to just 57 percent. This allowed Ford to sneak into the second place spot, gaining three points for a total of 61 percent.

As for the other giants of the U.S. auto market, General Motors dropped to 49 percent (down from 57 percent), while Dodge posted continued losses in customer loyalty from 32 percent down to just 24 percent.

Toyota's loss suggests the automaker may have to extend the significant incentives it has been offering in order to sustain sales.

Consumer Reports says the results of the survey are based off of 1,704 U.S. vehicle owners and compared to the last such survey in December of last year.

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