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WASHINGTON (AFP) - US environmentalists launched a Web site targeting General Motors Corp's Hummer H2, the civilian version of the US military's gas-thirsty Humvee vehicle, for its fuel economy and hulking size.

The site,, is sponsored by the Sierra Club (news - web sites) and is aimed at dissuading consumers from buying the vehicle.

The same group in 1999 dubbed Ford Motor Co's then-new Excursion sport-utility vehicle the "Ford Valdez", likening it to an oil tanker that ran aground off Alaska, soiling miles of coastline with its spilled cargo of crude oil.

Ford announced last year it would phase out the Excursion.

This time around, the Sierra Club is gunning for the Hummer's advertising slogan.

"The Hummer's tag line is 'Like Nothing Else' but it should be 'Pollutes Like Nothing Else'," Dan Becker, global warming (news - web sites) and energy director at the environmental group, said in a statement.

His group described the Hummer's gas mileage - which it said ran to 10 miles per gallon (4.2 kilometers per liter) - as the worst among all passenger vehicles on US roads.

Heather Hall, a spokeswoman for GM's Hummer division, brushed aside the criticism.

"The campaign against Hummer is misguided and will be inconsequential in any debate," she said.

The company has sold 35,000-plus Hummers in the United States since introducing the H2 model in July 2002 - a minuscule portion of the 16.7 million new cars and trucks sold in the country every year, she added.

"Hummers aren't for everybody," Hall said. "Consumers (...) have an incredible freedom of choice between many other cars and trucks within GM and the entire industry."

Maybe it makes the E look even better?
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