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i bought a 3M Headlight restoration kit from CARiD that
was missing several of the sanding discs. i called their
customer service and was asked to send a picture of what
i received and they would contact 3M and have them send
me the missing items. i sent the pictures.

i called 3M directly and was told that will not happen because
they do not deal directly with end users and that i need to
contact the seller for a return/replacement.

i again called CARiD customer service and was again told
they would contact the manufacturer and have them send
me the missing items. i advised them i had spoken to 3M
and told they will not send me anything. i asked for a manager
and after a 10 minute wait on hold was told no managers
were available. their customer service is apparently outsourced
as they all have an accent and you can hear tons of other
people on the phones.

serveral more emails were exchanged over the next few days,
some asking for pictures again and others claiming they were
working on the problem.

it has now been two weeks and nothing have been done to resolve
the problem. i went to a local parts store and purchased the 3M
kit and will never purchase anything from CARiD again !!
this was my second purchase from them, first was $108 hood

i also discovered that even though their webpage shows items
as being in stock, CARiD does not stock Anything ! all orders are
drop shipped from distributors (Medco of Atlanta) in my case or
the manufacturer.

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finally got a call after posting a scathing review on Facebook
and they sent me a gift card covering the purchase price of
the item i bought. not a refund but better than nothing.

sad that it took 3 weeks and that much effort to get their attention !
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