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Houston peeps Bryan beach

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We are thinking about going Labor Day weekend but I know nothing about the place. I will be in the truck wife/kids will be in an AWD Honda element any advice/will the honda be able to even drive on the beach? if anyone wants to hang out drink a few CRB's let me know we plan on leaving Dallas Saturday morning 6am. we want to do some camping
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I've never been there, but just added it to my list of places to go.:)

Man, the timing is bad since we are going to the Kerrville meet right after that.

Take tons of pics!

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Yes the Element will be able to drive on Bryan beach very easily. You will only be able to go about 1 3/4 miles before you hit the brazos river. It can be VERY crowded during the holidays. Surfside is also nice and there is lots of beach to choose from. Again it can be very crowded. Part of it is a pay beach. Skip that part. The free section, towards Galveston, is free. On either beach be careful about driving the police LOVE to give tickets for everything and anything.
I would of gone. But family always have something going on Labor Day.
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