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How fast for the dealer to install accessories

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Hi all, my first post is in the shopping section as I haven't purchased my Element yet. Next year about this time. :)

Anywho, my scenario is posted up in that forum, but I have a question regarding installation times for certain accessories.

I am going to try and get the dealer to install all my required items before I pick up the E. Mainly, the real PITA ones like the fogs, and some of the exterior trim parts that require drilling. Most everything else I can do on my own. Anyway, my nightmare is getting to the dealer to pick up my E, I am on a very strict timeline and, by golly, my fogs are not installed.

How long would it take a dealership to install:

front trim
rear air deflector

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I ordered an AWD EX back in March, and it was specified to come with fog lamps and a roof rack. The day before I was supposed to take delivery, the dealer called and told me that the fogs were backordered, and they wouldn't in there for a few weeks. :evil:

I took the car anyhow, and we deleted the price of the fogs from the down payment. Then, since I didn't want to wait for that dealer to get the fogs in, I went another Honda dealer and had them install fog lamps and side steps. I called them on a Friday, made the appointment for the next Thursday, and they had both tasks done for me that day.

I couldn't see that kind of stuff taking any more than a day, as long as they have a little advance notice. I get the feeling that the Honda dealerships are developing Element "specialists," since they're still figuring things out, so there may be only a couple of guys in the shop who will be assigned to your E.

Also, a word of caution: my dealer left somewhat rough cuts around the fog lights. They looked like they needed to be smoothed over. He said that the official Honda installation instructions don't require the cuts to be sanded down, and so they didn't do that (I later found out that the instructions do indeed say to "remove all burrs" before continuing, but I had already rectified the problem by then). So since the dealer was of no help, I had to take a few hours to fix the cuts myself.

So before they do the work, make sure you both have an understanding of the quality of work you require. No one likes a fuzzy-faced E... :wink:
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I brought in my Element to the dealership in the morning and picked it up at about noon. 8)
The dealer needed about a week to get my Element ready - but It was me that told them it had been delivered to them to get the ball rolling. In actually, the install documentation says about 4 hours to get the fogs in. About the same for the security system. I do not mind that they took a bit more time as I can see they did a very good job on installation.
My co-dealer did a great job with my fog light install. It normally takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours. The rear air deflector takes about 45 mins to an hour and the same goes for the front bumper trim. I made sure that my dealer smooth out the holes and the bumper had no blemishes before i picked it up :D
I agree. Even if the dealer had smoothed out the cuts for the fog lights for my install, I estimate that it would have added no more than 10 minutes to the installation. I was just cautioning to make sure they know to do that when you drop the car off, because they'll be reluctant to re-visit the job once you pick the car up. There have been some horror stories of poor fog light installations on this web site, although I haven't seen any posted in a month or so.
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