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How happy are you with your Element after 2000 miles?

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Now that I have had my E for a while and they are finally more available to buy, I would like to give potential buyers some real data to go on when they buy. Some of us have focused on the problems and I want to see how many of us are happy with our choice of the Honda Element. Please post your thoughts as you hit the 2 month or 2000 mile mark.
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Reached 2K yesterday, still love the E! I have started hearing some random dash rattling while idling in traffic. Will look into it. Talk at y'all when I change the oil!
Just did a 2000 mile road-trip. I still love it - no problems :lol:
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I am up to 1300 and love it more than when I got it!
Right now I got 3800 trouble-free miles(knock on wood) and i can honestly say there isn't another automobile that remotely interests me at this time. My E does so many things well, it would be very hard to list them.
After 2100 miles, I am basically happy with my E (especially with the attention it gets! :D ). The mileage is an issue at this point, and hopefully that will be resolved after the first service :?:
About 2700 miles and love it... I still look forward to my commute to and from work.

Besides the usual items, the little things I really like...

1. Intermittent Rear Wiper - it's about time someone did this.
2. Factory Subwoofer
3. Sunroof

Improvement areas

1. Ability to change radio presets from steering wheel (like on my Odyssey)
2. More Tie Downs in cargo area.
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I was in West Va. this weekend. A freind lives on property with narrow winding gravel roads that are washboard and full of holes. We were taking it easy during the day as the people that live there are out and there is not room to pass. At night with headlights you can go faster. We did....never had the CD skip... climbed quite a grade in 2nd and had effortless treking. The road that leads to this community has some outrageous kinks and we could push pretty hard and were both suprised with the agility.... I thought it would not do that well as it is so tall... I have a friend who picked up a black ex auto 4 wheel. They are hearing rattles in the back of the drivers door where it meets the rear door. They also have rattling from the tail gate.... I think I got a Wed. Car! silver met metallic 5spd frt wheel drv.EX Got 2k on it now..... aside from the torque steer I have no complaints whatsoever!
I can deal with the torque steer... it smoothes out my driving. I cleaned out the interior yesterday.... vacuum mop and towel down .... damp towel all surfaces... it looks great!
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Hit 2000 miles today...then added another 50!

Happy Day!

I LOVE MY E!!!!!! I would cry if anyone tried to take it away :cry:
Trip from Denver Colorado to Oklahoma City on a Saturday...back on Monday and out to Grand Junction Colorado on Thursday and back on Friday.
Way more comfortable then my Explorer. (Can't understand where the Consumer Report Mag comes up with some of their stuff in the current issue).
We're so happy we're gonna get another one in a couple of weeks and the Explorer moves on to another home!
:D After 2500 miles, no cracked windshield, no scratched panels, no scratched inside panels, no cracked spare tire cover, no skipping CD player. Still a mysterious rattle from the back hatch.
I love this car! My last car was a 98 Civic DX Hatchback, and although it got great gas mileage and was fun to drive, it was SO uncomfortable. The Element is great to drive on long back aches here! The 160 hp engine is powerful enough for me....the speed limit is 65 mph in most states ya know. ( I have got it up to 100... :wink: )
I was going to get a Mini Cooper, but after dealing with a crappy place called NIELLO here in Sacramento ( they want over 20k for a car that msrp's at 17),
I drove the Element. Great decision!
I got about 7000 miles on my E. I've been buying Hondas since 1988 and this is the best one i have ever owned. It does everything i bought to do exceptionally well. The only thing I can't get over is that EVERY DAY someone approaches me to talk about my E or someone just sits and stares at me - really wierd!
300 miles on my Silver EX and still loving it...especially the weird looks and comments, questions, etc. I get every place I go. The most common ones are : "is that a hybrid"? "is that a Hummer"?, "I heard about these but never saw one til now", "how do you like that thing"?, and my favorite, "that thing looks like a Tonka toy".

They're not laughing AT us, they're laughing With us! :D
Just turned 3K miles today. Not a rattle or complaint anywhere! I can't remember the last time I was so impressed with a vehicle (except for my 1953 Studebaker - but that's another story) :roll:

My little 2.5 hour commute (each way!) actually has me looking forward to going to work! The E is by far, the most comfortable vehicle I've driven in many a year. (Sorry, Consumer Reports - guess I just don't understand your complaint department!) :oops:

If you're ever driving the Maine Turnpike and see a SOP EX cruising around 75 mph with a gray-haired guy inside (grinning ear-to-ear) go ahead and wave. That's me! :D
Broke 3000 miles today after 1 month. I love cruising in this thing and the looks I get and the responses I get have all been positive.
I'm on the 3 rd week 2 day mark and just turned 2k today, yes i drive alot, I just hosed a VW Jetta that was 2 1/2 years old that i put 62k on. I am trying to promise myself that i will not do this to my E. Anyway I love the thing and I like the fact that it is a Honda and I now have a lot less anxiety because the last car was in my opinion a "lemon" and seeing posts of actual honda mechanics owning these cars is a good thing. This is definatly the coolest vehicle i have ever owned and i have never had anyting that gets as much attention as this thing does.
I'm just a few miles short of 3K. I do love this car! My only problem has been an occasional dash rattle. Gas mileage is about 24 mpg. I'm pleased with the ride, the little compartments and doodads, the pep, and ... I admit, all the attention.

I have always liked driving, but I get a grin on my face whenever I get into my E...or when I look out the window and see it parked nearby.

Foxtail. I am the same way, I find myself looking at my "E" as well because I am quite intriged by the appearance of it. It is so cool to look at. This must part of the reason that people stare at me when driving through a mall parking lot. My next door neighbor must have liked it as well, they came home this past weekend with a brand spankin new SOP "E" them selves
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