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How Long from VIN to Delivery?

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I got my VIN last Wednesday (the 18th). My dealer said it would probably be delivered by the 4th of July. For those folks who ordered an E, what's your experience with the length of time from VIN to delivery?

Many thsnks. I am a bit impatient!!!
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My understanding is that the VIN does not arrive until the car comes off the line, and that transport to dealer takes less than 2 weeks. Your dealer sounds like he's being conservative so as not to disappoint you.

Good luck!
From getting the VIN (6/16) to delivery (today!!!) for me it was 8 days total, and I live on the west coast. So for you it may arrive in the next few days.
Thanks for the replies. I just spoke again with my dealer and he indicates that it is scheduled to arrive on the 30th. I'm hoping it's a little early, I'd love to have it this weekend!!!

The dealer I talked to said you can't order a Honda. Did you actually order one?
I have to admit that Honda does it differently than I have experienced in the past when ordering a new car. In April, I signed a purchase agreement for an E with all the options spelled out. I gave a deposit, and the dealer then was able to request the car I wanted in his next allotment. The salesperson was able to track the car and even gave me a VIN the day it was made (on the 18th). He called me today and let me know that it had arrived and the dealer installed options would be finished on Monday, and I could pick it up then. Hooray!

With other manufacturers, I've actually ordered a car and the window sticker that comes with it has a "Made especially for...." part to it.

You might go to the "Ask the Dealer" thread, and ask Supaman for the specifics. He's been very helpful.

Best of luck,
Mine was assembled on 06/20/2003. I am on the west coast and I am still waiting!!!! I leave on vacation on 07/10/and am wondering if it will get here on time. I am glad some people are able to find what they want on dealers lots.
As stated above, my E was assembled on 06/20. I just got a call from the dealer stating that it should arrive here in Southern Oregon on Tuesday or Wednesday. They have a way of tracking them just like UPS. Now what is my tracking number???
Rich M, Per your last post - did your E show up on the 11th or 12th like the dealer told you it would?

I live in Portland and build date for my E is 7/16. I'm interested in VIN-to-delivery time estimates for the pacificNW. Would be interested to hear about your experience.

How are you liking it thus far?
My build date was on June 25/03. The vehicle was delivered to the dealer on July 15. I pick it up July 17/03. My dealer knew he had a GG 5SPD alotted to him, back in May when I ordered. He was just unsure of which week in June in would be built. Everything has pretty much run like clockwork. Based on what I've read, I think the 'pull' or volume of the dealer's sales have much to do with when Honda delivers certain vehicles.
Chin up though. It will be SO worth the wait once the E arrives!
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