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Hi. Been wanting to find a 2008 Kiwi Element (last year for Kiwi I think) and wondering if there's a way to alert dealers within a certain radius of what I'm looking for, without writing to every single one individually (DAUNTING in that this would take a vast amount of time!). Hoping there's a way to do a mass alert of sorts!
Private sale may be fine too but I placed an ad on Craig's List and so far have gotten all manner of scam replies ONLY. It's very disturbing.
I go on Edmunds and CarTrader and every other site I can think of to try to check for any postings. Unfortunately a lot of the info is outdated (cars are already sold) but will keep checking that way.
I have only run across a few Kiwis so far and the price variation is pretty amazing. I am also surprised at how many 08's have already had accidents!
Anyway, sorry to ramble on.....have had a CRV for 11 years and 175,000 miles - it's time now to change it up for my Kiwi E!
Thanks for any help.:)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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