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So the dealer I had decided to go with is changing their minds about the price quoted. Which is fine since I have a different dealer, who happens to be about 10 miles closer, to give me an even better price.

I am getting a 2WD EX Automatic for $18910. That's a $1000 below sticker and I am pretty satisfied with that. The're doc. fee is only $98.50, but I think I can get that taken off when I go in next thursday to make my purchase.

All you got to do is keep asking the dealers to beat each other's prices. HAVE THEM EMAIL YOU and you have record of the actual quote. This has worked really well with the 4 dealerships in my area.

from 19,910, 19,610, 19,500, 19410, 19,310, 19,250, 19100, 18910!!!

When a dealer can't beat or meet a price, he will tell you to go with that best quote. You will be hard pressed to find a better deal when they can't beat it anymore.
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