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My bank would only finance me up to sticker. Taxes are 6.5% where I live. So I needed to get the element for approx. $20000 and pay $1300 approx. in tax/fees. I researched and found out that the element invoiced for approx. $19722. Its MSRP was 21310 (20850+ 460 dest.) Dealer cost of $20182. ($1128 play room) There didn't appear to be too much room to move. I learned about dealer holdback. From what I understand, if they sell it soon after it arrives on the lot, it is extra profit.(2% of invoice I think-$394) I wanted the sunset orange pearl and it was kind of difficult to find. So I found out by dealership inventory searches who had it. I emailed the dealers and told them if I could get the element for tax, title and off the lot I would buy it that day. Do this toward the end of the month-they have quotas to meet. Most said they would knock $300-$500 off sticker right off the bat, but no one would go for what I wanted. On the net I discovered some dealership in N.H. was selling the element for $20222. (but not the color I wanted and too far away) I figured if they could sell it for that, someone else would. I let the dealers know that I had an offer of $20222, but I really wanted orange. One dealer finally agreed after a slow weekend. A local dealership had a price guarantee to meet other dealerships. So I took the email into them to see if they would meet it. They did. I signed the paperwork that day and had to wait a week for the sunset orange pearl to come in! So I only had to deal with approx. $300 over invoice including taxes. I think I got a good deal at $20222, Ive seen on this sight some have done better but I'm happpy. Good Luck!
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