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How To Fix These Problems? (PICS)

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Hey guys, just got my 2006 a few weeks ago and I'm ready to get her all cleaned up. She's in great shape except for a few spots on the panels and some scratches on the hood and tailgate--also something strange with the wheels (see picture). I'm hoping y'all can give me some good suggestions and product recommendations (wax, sealant, interior protectant) All I have right now is Meguiars NXT wash and Meguiars rubbing and polishing compounds. How should I handle these scratches? I've done some research and it seems that A303 or Poorboys Trim Restorer should work on the panels. As for the wheels I havent a clue... Thanks in advance!



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I can vouch for the Mother's Back to Black. That stuff works great and lasts longer than anything else Ive tried over the years.
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