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How To Fix These Problems? (PICS)

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Hey guys, just got my 2006 a few weeks ago and I'm ready to get her all cleaned up. She's in great shape except for a few spots on the panels and some scratches on the hood and tailgate--also something strange with the wheels (see picture). I'm hoping y'all can give me some good suggestions and product recommendations (wax, sealant, interior protectant) All I have right now is Meguiars NXT wash and Meguiars rubbing and polishing compounds. How should I handle these scratches? I've done some research and it seems that A303 or Poorboys Trim Restorer should work on the panels. As for the wheels I havent a clue... Thanks in advance!



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I've used rubbing compound for scratches on my clearcoat and because of its abraisive nature it can remove a scratch but it also removes some of the clearcoat as well - resulting in a dull area. This dull area is simply many tiny scratches that usually can be polished back out. The key is to rub the dull area with something less abraisive and buff. First, I used rubbing compound to get the scratch out but left the dull area. Next, I used polishing compound which is less abraisive to rub over the dull area. I'd buff it off and the dull area started to get a bit more shine to it. Next, I used scratch/swirl remover which was even less abraisive and the dull area was pretty much gone. Then wax and buffed until it was shiny again. I just used cheap old school products and did it by hand (no buffer) and it worked well. I'm sure someone may have a better method but I had this stuff in the garage already :)

I also like Back to Black for the plastic...
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