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Please fill in your profile, as it makes it easier for others to help you. The following applies to the EX (double-DIN) radio; the DX/LX (single-DIN) radio should be similar.

There is no faceplate; the radio is a single unit.

Pry out the plastic surrounding the radio. It will take some force, and don't be surprised if you scratch or dent the surround. Now you'll be able to see the screws holding the radio to the mounting bracket. With the screws removed, the radio should slide straight out. The connectors in the back unplug easily.

From there, you'll probably need an adapter to use an aftermarket device with the factory wiring.

Browse this forum or use the search feature to find lots of advice on choices and wiring solutions. Enjoy your reading.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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