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Hudson Valley Garlic Festival anyone?

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September 26th and 27th

The festival is held at Cantine Field in Saugerties, New York. Saugerties is nestled in the Hudson Valley, 100 miles north of New York City and 50 Miles South of Albany

I am TOTALLY looking forward to stinking of garlic and tasting all of the wonderful garlic creations!

If enough people are interested, we can maybe go camping in Woodstock and make a weekend out of it...otherwise I am going to sleep at my mom's house
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Diana and I are in . Sunday would be better for us unless of course you go camping then we'll meet you Sat. afternoon!
I smell day trip
I have camped here
the tent sites are my fav...and it's Fall Foliage Weekend! We could so do potluck stews and stuff...good fall faire! I might make a french toast casserole in a dutch oven!

And we could go to Woodstock at nite! It's like 5 minutes from the campground....Dinner at Joshua's, Ice cream at Taco Juan!!! Shopping for beads and stuff,

I am going to call tomorrow and inquire!
I smell day trip
that would be the garlic, I think....:lol:
Hey Lisa did you ever find anything out about the campground?
Hey Lisa did you ever find anything out about the campground?
They are full...what do you think about N/S lake? I have always had good luck there...though I heard that they don't like big E parties

North/South lake has anyone interested? I am booking a site on Friday for 9/26-9/28...with plans to hang at camp on Sat, go to the garlic fest sun (or vice versa) and lazy morning breakfast monday before going home

If people are interested I will pick a site that has several open sites nearby
um I can tell you that they dont like the EOC there we refer to that place as ******* mtn.....:lol:
I'd go back to NS Lakes, despite the somewhat overzealous quiet-rule enforcement. (The rain wasn't their fault.)
N/S Lake is a great campsite. I would go back but not with a large group.
North-South Lake is a great place to camp. No noise patrol when we were there, then again we were'nt camping in a big group. Keep us posted Lisa!
I reserved a site...loop 4 (sites 88-129) because there were quite a few open sites in this loop becuase it was not on the water...I am on site 128 for Sat night 9/26 and Sunday night 9/28. I can share my site with another person if you are interested...two car/6 people limit on my site

Reserve here
Just reserved site 127 for Friday and Saturday night. Unfortunetly we can't stay Sunday night :(
YAY...I wont be there until Saturday morning because I have to work until 10 pm
Just going down for the day on sunday
i'll bring cookies!!!
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