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I am always amazed...

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at how perfect a camping vehicle the Element really is. Take two mountain bikes, three 14 gallon totes (kitchen, food, firewood), one 36 quart 5-day cooler, 3 sleeping bags, 4 sleeping pads, 7 gallons of water, miscellaneous stuff, pile it all in the E, and off we went for three days in Joshua Tree... And get 24 mpgs with a fully loaded E in Los Angeles traffic too!

1. E with J-Tree
2. Jumbo Rocks campground
3. Good Morning!


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Climbers and rocks, there's an E in there somewhere, more rocks...


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Due to El Nino and global warming, Barker dam was actually full of water!

Unfortunately, fire raged over the area of Lost Horse Mine last May. The remaining buildings were saved, but the 2.5 mile hike out to the mine has lots of really cool looking burnt yuccas...


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Those Yucca's look yuccy!:shock:

They look like martian trees:grin:

Joshua tree---I need to add it to my bucket list8)

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Fantastic pics, JDiane - thanks!!

Yeah! You guys finally made it to Joshua Tree. :-D

Is that place the bomb or what?!

Wonderful pics!
JT truly is a rock climbers paradice and the surrounding desert is magniicent.

One time at JT I sat on high on a rock away from our campsite watching the sunset at the Bell campground.
I had with a set of binoculars with me at the time and watched a coyote stalking at large Jack Rabbit.
It was a birds eye view of those two critters manuvering in between scrub brush, cactus, Joshua Trees and boulders.
The hunt went on for an hour.
Eventually they were out of my range of sight so I never knew if the coyote ever caught that rabbit.
But watching them sure was amazing.
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Thanks guys! J-tree is totally amazing! It is really funny-- there are three distinct groups of people at Jtree: climbers, campers, and day visitors from Palm Springs. I did some boulder scrambling because it is so easy with the rocks out there, but I'm too afraid of heights to do any climbing!:roll:

We camp next month at Channel Islands NP and that will complete my CA National Parks list! Very excited, especially since I see the Islands on my way to work each day. :grin:
Do i see an incredible flying ring tucked inside your E? Pink i think it is.... i have one in the exact same spot... yellow though and a ball for the pup.... when we decide to do random stop and plays!
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