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I've had some mishaps with NU Finish (The Once a Year Car Polish) on my EX exterior panels. How can you not, you almost have to mask off the plastic with tape. Anyway hence the once a year polish treatment.

I tried everythign to remove the Nu Polish residue, from orange oil cleaner to wd-40, and all it did was smear the white spots over a broader area in a thin coat. I came across a product called Black Again from TrueValue hardware and it restored my panels and other areas of exterior plastic trim to it show room colors if not better. Black Again is a clear gel that you rub into the textured plastic panels and it removes the oxidation from soaps and wax residue and leaves behind a protective UV resistant coating. After applying. it cures in direct sunlight.

Now the test begins. I am curious how long this will last and if it become a dust magnet. Even then its better than the white film that would not come off.
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