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Hello all..

I'm a bit new here. I joined a week or so ago I had a 08 SC which was absolutely bullet proof with over 165K miles. I sold it and ended up getting a 04 EX 5spd AWD with 91K miles for the rough winters that we go through, here in Key West, lol.

But, the car was pretty much BONE STOCK. which is something I loved about it.

So, I decided to just kick it up a notch. I started by replacing all the internal light bulbs with LED lights (half of them were burnt out, anyways). I took the time to even change out the instrument cluster LEDs and HVAC LEDs as well. They look amazing now that they are hyper-white instead of burnt yellow.

Installed another remote (key fob). Now I have 2 working fobs, one for a back-up I guess.

I then put a nice Sony AVX, 5000 stereo in it, and ran the back up camera and everything. It's great, but I then realized that my speakers sound HORRIBLE. It was because they were completely dry rotted. So, I installed some Pioneer (ok ones, not the better ones). And I even hooked up the subwoofer, and it sounds great. Thank you Their customer service is absolutely amazing.

I then cleaned out the vast majority of the interior. It had so much caked dirt and grime, like it hadn't been cleaned in years. I also cleaned the engine bay. The car is a million times better now.

I then made an appointment for window tint. Got the whole car tinted. I mean the WHOLE car, front to back, including the sunroof. I then decided not to tint the front windows, and just got a strip in the front.

Of course, my car started throwing a code. Knock sensor. I was going to just replace it, real quick. But, since the starter sounded like an old asthmatic man coughing, I figured I'd replace the starter, as well.
I think you know where this is going.
So, Off came the intake manifold, replaced the starter, knock sensor, and the Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor (MAF) as well.

But, since I was there, I ended up changing the spark plugs. Installed the proper Iridium plugs (might as well). New air filter and Cabin air filter, as well.

Took it out for a drive, and MY GOD. This thing actually has some pep in it. A lot quicker with the engine running well, huh? I might actually be able to break the speed limit here in the Keys (55).

Anyways, I have vent shades and a hood scoop left to install. I have to wait two days (as per my installer's recommendation) before I can open the windows. So, those go on, and then I see what else I want to do.

Thinking about some nicer wheels. Also, I'm going to do some paint correction, and back to black my fenders and stuff. I love this little car, and I want to make sure she's running like a champ.

I'm active duty Navy, and I might be retiring next year. So, I figured I'd get an AWD car, so if I retire in a northern place (North Carolina, Virginia, Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, whatever) I can drive this nice little car anywhere I want. The SC was great, but AWD 5 SPD is even better!!!
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