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I have officially joined the "cracked windshield club". I went into the garage, the other day, and there is a big crack right down the center of the windshield. I don't think the crack was present when I parked the car the night before. The dealership is going to cover it and fix the windshield frame per the current TSB. My Honda dealer in MA is absolutely great. Still, I wish the windshield did not crack in the first place,

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Our's cracked on the way home (NC) from Ohio today. Started in the passenger side lower corner and curves up toward the center. I checked the TSB and we fall in the VIN ranges listed. Thanks to you all for the good info on this forum.

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Tokyo- - Takeo Fukui - New CEO - Need His E-Mail address! Edit/Delete this post Reply with quote Delete this post

Todays Paper states:
Honda makes quality, not quantity, its Focus
Tokyo- Honda Motor Co. is going to focus on creating quality cars rather
than pursuing quick growth in sales, the new president of Japan's No. 2
aultomaker said Thursday. "I'm not setting sales targets," said Takeo Fukui,
who took office as president and cheif executive last month. He said Honda has no plans to add plants in North America and will concentrate on increasing capacity at its Alabama plant to 300,000 vehicles a year from 150,000 vehicles to meet growing demand.

This is good new, now how do we get his email to let him know Libertyvillle has some serious quality control issues regarding defective glass design, squeeks, etc. Anybody got any ideas? I think the first step is to call Customer Service:

if you have had a windshield crack for any reason and ask for Fukui's email address - in the U.S.A. the phone # is 1-800-999-1009 in Canada it is
888-946-6329. I think this will get corporates attention - and register your complaint while you speak with the representative.

Like the previous poster stated that their insurance covers 3 windshields per year, well think about it folks at over $500 U.S. per replacement, what do you think the insurance companies will start doing when they connect the dots and determine that they need to raise your rates $500 to $1500 per year because you bought a Honda Element. Honda needs to address this
issue and cover all replacements!

FUKUI is the at the top and that is where we need to start. Let the game begin.
Best of Luck - I ordered my Blue EX 5sp AWD in March and still no word on
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