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:roll: Hi All!
I'm a member of this forum as I still want an Element and am planning to buy one within the next year. Currently, my daily driver is a very well maintained 1983 Mercedes Turbo Diesel. And, I just picked up my "Weekend Toy" my new Subaru STI today! It is so damn fast that it actually scared me driving it from the dealer to my house.

So, now I got my toy so....why am I still not happy!!?!? Because I want my STI and my E!!! The Element is just so cool and so functional for a daily driver that no matter what, I'm still getting one for everyday use. So...I'm just waiting for the 2004's to arrive and see how the aftermarket (with exhaust, turbo, superchargers, etc) parts scene has caught up by the end of the year and then I'm "In Like Flint".

Lastly, I don't know about the rest of the US but here in Los Angeles, E's are running between 15000 to 17800 for DX with all power windows , locks, etc and just other minor differences (plus difference between auto, man, 2WD and 4x4). And.. EX models are about $1500 - $2500 more. So, I think I will definitely be getting a bargain when the time comes.

In the meantime, I will be reading this board on a daily basis until .... its finally my E time!
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