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I love love love my 2010 element !!!!!!!!

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With all of the bashing going on I thought I'd start a new thread for the owners that love their 2007-2010 Honda Element. I had a 2007 and sold it when gas prices sky rocketed. I then had Element envy. All I did was miss my box for 2 years so I got a new one and never looked back.

Chime in if you love your Box.:mystery::mystery::mystery::mystery:
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Count me in. Had mine since November. I have a pretty bad back. For some reason, the "E" is better on my back than other cars I've had over the last 15 years. Plus, the cargo room is great. I'm a musician and the "E" carries all my equipment with ease.
Me too! I love my 09! Sure, it's not perfect but it suits my needs very well indeed!:grin:
Me and my E are newbie's together. Have had it about two weeks and all is well. I come from a Maxima so there is some adjustments to get used to. It's definitely has more road noise and seems a bit tinny but it is great. Handles well for a toaster. Serves up golden brown slices daily!
number 4

this is number 4 and it is as good as number 1, 2, or 3 and it is a 2010.8)
I've owned my 2009 E for almost one full year and I still couldn't be more pleased overall. Sure, I'd like to see a little better gas mileage, and maybe a bit larger fuel tank, but all in all, it is THE ultimate utility vehicle. It's performance last winter was awesome to say the least and it's ability to go from family transport to a well appointed hauling machine is least in my humble opinion! :grin:
At the moment, I can't think of another vehicle on the market to compare it to. I mean think about it, all the hauling capability just by folding he seats out of the way, the huge side opening when you open both doors, the ability to keep it nice and clean with a damp cloth, and it will go virtually anywhere! Not to mention the stereo in it is awesome! Guess I'm biased! I'd purchase it again in a heartbeat!
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I really love my 2010.....the seatbelt thing got taken care of with some fleece pads. The seat thing I can live with. But then there isn't any car out there that's perfect. (Except the E almost IS!!!!!) I love it, love it, love it:grin: My 2nd E....after I sold the '05, kept missing it. So here I am again!
Enjoying the '09

It drives great, it looks great, it holds our two bikes and all our stuff for camping or extended day trips to the mountains, the beach, wine country, or the big city. It's easy to pop the seats out or put one back in for transport. It's an instant solo camper with a bed (pad and a couple of rolled towels to even it out.) Side doors provide easy access, except when in a parking lot - in which case you just pull out before you load. Audio is good enough, with an ipod input. Lots of storage. Maintenance is pretty straight-forward. Surfaces are easy to clean. OBP color is striking and keeps it cooler on sunny days. Handling is just fine with enough power to get up hills. Enough space to haul home most stuff and I can always rent or borrow a truck or arrange home (lumber) delivery for occasional projects. Oh, and it's relatively inexpensive. You could pay a lot more and get a lot less. So yeah, it's working for us here.

Minor complaints: seat belt (but not as bad as my Ford truck was), visibility (better look before you change lanes), height of arm rests (way too low), and bug catching surfaces on front (ah well).
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I traded in my stage II modded wrx for my 2010 E...the only thing I could say that would make the E perfect is another 150 hp :grin:
I, too, had an 07 and traded it for an Acura RDX. It's took until December 09 to get over missing my Toaster when I rolled home in my '10. IMO, it's gotten better with the addition of Nav and the USB for my iPod. The seats have never been an issue.

There's nothing else out there like an E. Folks exposed to it for the first time are skeptical, amused and then admire the abilities of this magic box!
Ive said it before and ill say it again. Love my 09. As ive said before I didnt even like the E until they started painting the body panels the color of the car, and even then I had issues with the looks of the front end. Then the 09 came out and I fell in love. I did reasearch, went and test drove, thought about it and decided to trade my 2 year old Caliber RT AWD in on it. This is the most versitle car Ive owned. What i really like is i can secretly haul things and not have to worry about friends asking to help them move like i aslways got asked when i had an 05 Nissan Titan truck. Any of my friends who had never been in one always make the same comment of how it doesnt look this big on the outside.

The only thing i miss in my caliber are the leather seats. However, I just took care of this Tuesday. Keep posted for pics of my E's new leather interior next week!
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Our whole family loves our E. It's our family hauler for bulky light loads, like bikes, camping gear, HD trips, etc. It drives OK, gets good fuel economy considering it's lack of aero efficiency, it's relatively cheap to buy and maintain, and it frees up a lot of garage space since it's so short. It's more useful to us than a pick up truck or larger SUV...since nothing we haul is ever very heavy, and we like having the rear seats even if we don't use them much.

It hasn't taken the place of our family sedan, but it's a great compliment to it. And we are driving our larger vehicle less and less.
My 07 sc

I would buy a new e except i don't want to have to make the changes to a new one i have made to the 07. Only thing i don't like is honda changing the setup for rear seat entry, it would be help-full if the seat tiped forward. Everyone getting in the back of my e is not a little wife has a 300-m hemi and i never drive it. Good luck with the 2010.
I've owned 65-70 cars over my life,LOVED my VW buses (all 4) but my 07 SC I bought new has hands down been my overall favorite. When Honda says officially no more Es,I'll have to buy another to stash for later..:grin:
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