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I love my car

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Karen's zebra!


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Now that is different ! Looks pretty cool. Like how your color selection on your avatar says 'other' :grin:
That looks cool. Now you need to get some Zebra seat covers. That reminds me of the Jeep in that old show from the 60's called Daktari if anyone else is old enough to remember that one. They had their truck painted to look like a Zebra.

Karen's zebra!
karen 1212. Is that paint or vinyl applique? Neat.
looks cool I like the different style people have !
Kool Doctari Element.8)

Glad you found us!! With your wild color combo, you'll fit right in.....:shock: :razz: :evil:
i got underwear that looks like that
i got underwear that looks like that
LOL you should add that quote to your signature :)
Like i tell my wife......

"It's not a car........It's an ELEMENT!!!"


It is vinyl -- wrapped in white then added black stripes.
Very cool and original 8) ........... and if you can go to the other side of the road safely. :razz:
Now that's cool. The only thing is you and the E should be somewhere in the Serengeti or Kalahari LOL Nice ride, thanks for a little levity. :)
i got underwear that looks like that
:lol: To much information!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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