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I just bought a 2003 EX. I decided I needed to upgrade the factory stereo using parts I had lying around.

First, I had a pair of very nice MB Quart 5.25's sitting around. I fabricated some plates to make them fit in the 6.5 openings and stand out a bit so I didnt need to cut the cups on the back.

Next, I decided I dont mind the stock tweeters. I had a pair of old kenwood 2 ways that could drop right in. I cut the tweeter wires and used an old crossover from some long ago dead component speakers to feed the tweeters. The Kenwoods just run as a mids.

My real problem was with the sound of the sub. I read about upgrading it with a new amp, or a JL 6.5, or a new plate and an 8". After listening, I believe that the sub has no crossover in front of it. I think this clouded much of the midrange. I decided that the easiest way to fix this was to use an FMOD ( that I had sitting around. I cut up an RCA and wired it into the subwoofer outputs from the head unit before the amp. The sub now has an 80hz 6db per octave filter.

The result: I spent a while with experimentation, but the car sounds great and I spent ZERO. The sub filter upgrade actually had a HUGE impace on making the factory sub work well and sound good. It might get even better with a dvc 6.5", but for now, Im happy with free.

good luck on your projects
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