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Hey Guys I really like my E. but sometimes is really hard to get used to it. I Realy like the car but is too slow.. i already did the intake, i dont have the original muffler i have an aftermarket muffler ( it sound really nice, it sounds kind a like my civic) m ready for something else. im planning on buying the tsx headers and i need advice on a dual pipe 2.5 with silencer mufflers. i was thinking on a 3" pipe from the Headers to the wheels (no Cat) and the i can split it on two 2.25 or 2.5 pipes. with a resonator on the same place.
then im planning on 300cc injectors and a o2 sensor simulator. i had 360cc injectors for two weeks and it was really nice but it was running rich. now im going to do it the right way... Now i was wondering if i can use the tsx ecu on my E???

thanks in advance
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