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I Need Your Help to Get my E Tow Ready

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HELP! We drove to Arizona (from NE) to pick up a 950 lb (dry wt) 1988 Perris Pacer Fiberglass camper. It towed back fine. That was the easy part.

Now I would like to have a tranny cooler, electric brake controller (the camper has the brakes, so why not use them) ,and the trailer battery charge line.

This has become a nightmare, and if I don't have a headache, I'm close to tears. (OK, it may not be that earth shattering----) (and yes, I've searched and read the posts on here several times---I must be missing something.)

Anyway, U-Haul put on the Class III hitch and 7 prong wiring. So I call them, and they say "yes, we can do the cooler, controller and charge line." But they will be using the tube and fin cooler. From what I've read, the stacked plates are better.

So, I call the Honda place (yea, I know, stupid). They don't even want to mess with me and recommend a hitch place in a near-by city. I call them, and they'll do the controller and charge line but suggest I go to a transmission place for the cooler.

I take my car in to my DH's mechanic. They have it all day to "look at it" and give me an estimate. That afternoon, they say they've called all over to find the parts, (incl. a Honda place who launched into a speech about some lawsuit and a tranny cooler, etc.) They admit this would be a "first" for them, and when I say I know places to get the parts (, etc) and that I know you guys on this site do it yourselves, the mechanic suggests I print out any instructions or pics I might find on here. This makes me very nervous. They also quoted me a price of $700. (U-Haul quoted $400.)

So do you think I'd be OK going to U-Haul and getting the tube/fin tranny cooler????? Or check into transmission places? It's also been recommended to me to check out horse trailer places (don't know if they do transmission coolers.)

If I have to go to several different places, so be it. I am just feeling discouraged because the professionals I have talked to so far, are not instilling much confidence in me.

Sorry for the length---------
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The tube & fin cooler should be fine, you're not over the stated tow capacity anyway (or very very close if you are). Do check out on the U-Haul dealer, ask them for some references if possible. The hitch place will charge you an arm and a leg for it since it's non-standard and they know they have you against the wall.

Is there something you're planning on towing that's THAT much over weight or super severe mountain duty?

Also check with Alaskantoaster, they pulled a over-weight trailer to Alaska with no problems.

Thanks, Twilightzero!

Nope, not planning to tow anything over the limit. In fact, I've started taking stuff out of the camper to make it lighter (bunk bed hardware we won't be using, changing out the cabinet doors for something lighter, etc.) Just being super cautious--don't want to hurt my E, I love him! (And he's paid for!)

Do plan on vactioning all over the US, so sure there will be mountains, etc. to contend with.

Thanks again for answering!
Don't worry a whole lot then, the E is designed to tow up to its capacity (and beyond if you ignore the scaredy-cat lawyers). The three mods you want are definitely smart if you're going to be towing a lot in ANY vehicle, so you're definitely on the right track :D

And I'll let you know next time I'm down in Omaha, maybe we can get together with Brawsie and whoever else is brave enough to show up :evil:

Definitely let me know when you're in Omaha! It's been a LONG time since I was at a mini-meet! (Back in the days of Bikerchick and Bob)!
Definitely let me know when you're in Omaha! It's been a LONG time since I was at a mini-meet! (Back in the days of Bikerchick and Bob)!
I might be down there in the next month or so, I'll keep you posted :D

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