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I picked out my new friend!

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I did it too! Bought me an E. 2008 Citrus Fire Metallic. 13989 miles. I went for the 2008 because I wanted that sunroof. 2 little dings on door so they are fixing that and I'm picking it up in a few days. Drove 2 hours to get a selection to Philadelphia area. Scranton Pa area has very little selection on used and I wanted as close to new as possible. Hope I have good luck with her. to name her.
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2008 CFM??!?! I thought that was a 2009 color. Maybe a 2008 Tangerine Metallic? Anywho say hi to the guys at Dunder Mifflin.
Oh yeah and congrats!!!
Kimh, welcome you actually have "Tangerine" but I would still love to see a picture of tha orange beauty:rolleyes:

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Oops you guys are the element geniuses! It is a tangerine. But now I'm not even sure I'm picking it up. My husband stumbled on a pristine Kiwi one 2008 for less money and I can't find a scratch on it. Half of the stuff still isn't out of the wrapper yet. The owner has several cars and just bought a cooper mini so the element is barely driven. Thought I was definately in the tangerine but not so sure now. At this point I'm thinking go green. The picture will follow if I ever decide! So many choices!!!
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