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I want Reel Assy

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Nice to meet you all of you.
I step on the element of the model in Japan in 2004.
My site is the following.
Because it is Japanese only, please use Web translation service.

By the way, let me talk about 1 because I am troubled.
I obtained only a steering switch for elements, but cannot be connected to Reel Assy of Japanese specifications.
Therefore I want to obtain Reel Assy of USA specifications.
I seem to become "77900-SCV-A11 REEL ASSY., CABLE SUMITOMO.USA.KA" when I search a part in a site of Majestic Honda, but do not cope with overseas shipment here.
Will you know slightly overseas SHOP which you can send out?

Because much English is not proud, I use translation service for this prose.
If there is an inappropriate expression, I am sorry.
I am glad when I have you cooperate.
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There is a posting on the USA ebay site for them right now. Looks like he has 4 of them at 24.99 a piece. Not sure if he ships to Japan so you'll have to ask him.
Thank you for your kindness

To andsoitiswritten.

I have you give information, and thank you.
I looked for, but a search method seems not to have been found badly.
I easily made a hit when I searched it in "ELEMENT REEL".
It is the stage that it refers to for the postage to Japan now.
I report it again if I can purchase it safely.
Thank you very much.
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