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Hi all, ( SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH) I bought a 4 AWD EX 06 Element from someone who seems to have touch everything in it..when bought it, the idle goes up and down just a little bit ( from 0-1 RPM)

After 2 weeks it starts to really have rush to take gas correctly so I plug a machine on and it codes P0122,so I change the tps on the throttle body, problem still on...
So then it codes spark plugs problem, I change 4 spark plugs I put Champion Platinum and again my car can barely move ...

When I cut gas after shifting it'll stall, my top speed is 80-100km/h ...

And its making weird noise when I press gas like fire explode not correctly, it run correct Idle, but when I press gas, or when its warm up it starks to buck,it smell gas when I press it inside the car, I'd lost my last part of the exhaust but it didn't change the sounds ( Do my catalyst can be blocked and cause all that? )

The car have 140k xxx ( Not sure is the real km for the engine tho...)
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