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Ive had bessie (my element) since 2006 and im genuinely amazed at what she is more than capable of carrying; as is everyone else who has witnessed what her cavernous interior can swallow whole. ive never had to drive her with any of the doors open. ever. tailgate closed everytime.
list of the biggest things:
a matching honda ruckus.

Darcy, my 71 Honda cb350k project bike

two full-size adult beach cruisers.

and last but not least: Lola, a 83 honda nighthawk 600

i have to remove the center cup holders to allow the wheels of all the bikes fit but its perfect. every bike i had in the element wedged itself snug in between the two front seats and its front wheel would snuggle in the gap where the cup holders used to be. when im done, i just click them back in.
whats also great is that the folding rear seats dont get in the way so you dont ever have to take them out of the car. note, everytime i always had two amplifiers and a 12 inch jl subwoofer always connected in the car. ive aslo moved two newspaper kiosks, 4 stock element wheels, a go kart, and the remnants of half an entire eucalyptus tree with this car.

i average about 17 miles to the gallon, given i can still fit four people comfortably, take a motorcycle with me, sleep in it, ship a tree in it, pretty much do anything and more than a pick-up can, this car is bargain! the mileage is completely justified!
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Very nice pics :D Thanks for showing us all the bikes you've put in the E!!
That is amazing! I want to do the same, document all the crap that goes into the car. Nice work!
geez, if only i could fit my SV in the Element I would be excited... the center consoles in the SC are too involved to remove for just a weekend trip in hauling the motorcycle...
Darcy, my 71 Honda cb350k project bike
I was able to load my '75 CB 400/4 in my Element. I haven't tried loading my Triumph Bonneville yet :D
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