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Go buy a dirt cheap geo metro that has a bad engine and swap it to electric. spend pennys a day traveling up to 80 miles per charge (12 hours to charge) ...
And thus perpetuates the myth of electric cars "saving money", especially home-brew conversions.

Take it from a 100% electric car owner: there is no savings. What you save in gasoline cost you more than spend in battery replacement. Lead-acid batteries have a limited number of charge/use cycles. IOW, you may use very little electricity, or you may perceive it as cheap, but the batteries are consumed.

Without getting into the eye-glazing math, my electric car, electricity+batteries, costs roughly the same to run per mile as an ICE vehicle getting 25 mpg with gasoline costing ~$3.00/gallon. And this on a vehicle that has a 20-mile range per charge on a good day.

There is no free lunch.

This is hopefully changing with the new generation of electrics using lithium-ion batteries, but I am definitely "We'll see..." before jumping on that bandwagon again.
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