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...of tracking my mileage! I'm tired of looking at my trip meter and the position of the fuel guage. I'm tired of driving like I'm in a hyper-miler contest. Tired of getting my receipt and punching numbers on a calculator. I know what my E gets per gallon by now. I mostly drive short trips all over town (I love doing tight U turns!) and get around 18/19 city mpg and I have broken 20 city mpg and have dipped into 17 mpg in the winter. So, I know the E's potential if I want bragging rights to not-too-bad fuel economy. Now I just want to drive it 'normally' and enjoy it. I'm not talking driving it like I stole it but I promised myself to lighten up a little and just drive it and enjoy it. Anyone else with me? :razz:
Come, on - you didn't buy the Element for a gas miser cars. A few thousands reviews easily available to set you straight on that myth.:lol:

Heck yes I'm with you!!! I've been that way for several years with mine. Full on AC in the humid summer, big meat tires with some aggressive tread, side steps, roof rack, full throttle at 70 - 80 on the highway, 30-40 in town.

Drive it like you stole it for a couple hundred thousand miles. Fill it when empty. Reload and go. Wash, rinse, repeat.

But that's why I'm the....

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