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The mods may be angered, but, couldn't pass this by.

Okay, tons of ads, past present and no doubt future on lubricant additives and the miracles they offer. Also, as we become a greener society, some known lubricants (recall leaded gas?) such as zinc have been reduced in later generations of motor oils. I have read the motivation is, in part, to protect catalytic converters/the environment, and that is not bad at all. This leaves the consumer to bear the distributed costs of maintaining the environment, with (possibly) less of some advantage offered by formulations that might offer fuel economy, but better MPG is good for the planet I suspect. Better air, water and health is not a bad thing.

So, when I read of technologies that appear to offer some promise in engine mechanical life or mileage, it interests me.

The stuff of the link is ridiculously expensive (unless we are talking insurance premiums, education, health care, fuel price, Honda OEM accessories) but I wonder if there is a place for it in the not-to-extreme quest for some advantage of a car/truck owner?

What would be the inducement to buy such a product as an additive? What would be the increase in mileage, or reduction in engine wear that would make one even consider it? I have a ScangaugeII. It is useful I find. I buy synthetic oil. I change it sooner than recommended.

I do not know it there is any application for this in the ICE automotive market, but it got me wondering.

With vehicle, insurance, gas, labour costs all slowly increasing, I wonder about things that are developed early, only to see great wide-range improvements, without too nasty a price to pay. I hope a fairly good natured discussion might come out of the posted link.


PS. The 'grab your weapons' was just to get your attention.
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