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I got my Element at Penske Honda here in Indy, 500 mile race weekend. Love the car! Drove it to Orlando, FL In July and now have logged 5100 miles on it. Some problems with noise in the rear hatch which has been taken care of. Oh yea, cracked windshield on the Orlando trip coming back. Got it fixed for $35.00 and you can't even tell it.
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Lego, I just got your post. Anyway I was thinking why didn't ya ask me on the site but I go under the username of Dixon on that one and for some reason it's not up and running today, Oct. 25th. I had a star in my windshield and what they did to repair it was to drill a small hole in the strike zone and the spider cracks (two) that were created. They then apply glue to it, then apply a miniture air compressor that sucks the glue out of the crack. they then apply this clear piece of plastic on the area surface after having put some more glue on the surface. Once dry, they take a razor blade and scrape off the residual and it's like it never happened. The guy who did my first repair is a genuis but the second time it happened I couldn't locate him so I went with another service that basically did the same thing and warrants it from spreading. I have a very small star. My suction cup for my radar detector sits on the strike zone so I can't see it. If and when my windshield needs replacement I'll go aftermarket on it.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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