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I got my Element at Penske Honda here in Indy, 500 mile race weekend. Love the car! Drove it to Orlando, FL In July and now have logged 5100 miles on it. Some problems with noise in the rear hatch which has been taken care of. Oh yea, cracked windshield on the Orlando trip coming back. Got it fixed for $35.00 and you can't even tell it.
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I live about an hour east of Indy. Got my EBP EX on Nov 3, 2003. Just turned 1000 miles a couple of days ago. Absolutely no problems what-so-ever so far (knock on wood)!

Only 4 Elements in my town that I know of, each one a different color. I don't know anything about the others though (EX or DX, 2wd or awd, auto or manual?)
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