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Backcountry Edge is pleased to announce another great benefit for all Inside Edge members. Submit a review on any item you purchased from Backcountry Edge as an Inside Edge member, and receive discount points redeemable on your next purchase.

Each time you review an item, you will earn Inside Edge points equal to 5% of that item's original purchase price. For example, say you purchased an item for $180. When you submit a review on that item, you will receive 9 discount points. Each discount point is equivalent to $1.00 in savings (9 points = $9.00). Click here for more information on discount points and how they are calculated.

Here at Backcountry Edge, we strive to select only top quality gear and equipment for our customers, so your feedback on these products is very important to us. In addition, product reviews by you, our valued customers, can help other customers decide which piece of gear or equipment is right for them.

Remember, only those items you purchased as an Inside Edge member are eligible for review. Simply visit and log in to your account. There you will find your list of items waiting to be reviewed.
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