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Following eMass's instructions step by step, I just finished swapping out my steering wheel for the Pilot leather wheel. I've got some pics of the airbag unit and SRS plate which I'll post into eMass's instructions later this evening.

When eMass said to be careful when you pull on the steering wheel, making sure not to catch any of the wire harnesses, he wasn't just whistlin' dixie. I got to that point, and couldn't get the steering wheel off the column. I kept trying to give it little tugs, but it just wouldn't come off.

Then, of course, I had to give it just one tug too many, and off it came, a good foot away from the column, pulling the wire harnesses and SRS ribbon cable with it, which promptly unspooled all over my feet.

Luckilly, it didn't kink at all. I was able to re-roll it relatively easily. Unfortunately, I wound it to tightly, leaving only another half-turn or so to the right in slack.

So of course, when I tried to drive to work this morning, I could feel it binding the first time I tried to make a right turn. I finally realized what all that slack is for.

Had to drive back home, pull the whole wheel off again, and give the SRS plate a couple of turns to the left to loosen it up enough. Since then it's worked fine. No problems with the airbag light or anything.

And by the way, mine was definitely a 14mm bolt holding the wheel on, not a 13mm as stated in eMass's instructions.

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