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Just an FYI, if you want to be able to adjust your cross bars fore and aft for a thule or yakima rack, it is fairly simple to do. I just finished installing a 54" track just inside the top edge where the factory mounts are, directly on the roof.

You can buy a Thule kit and it comes with flare nuts that are permanantly attached to your roof without having to remove your headliner. They give you a special tool and it is fairly straight forward to do if you don't mind drilling holes in your roof! The tracker II then fits on the track and can easily slide to exactly where you want it. For me I have 18 ft. kayaks and my older rocket box needs to fit exactly so I wanted the adjustability.

Also, my local rack store said they could sell me any length track I wanted and I thought about getting 70" but in the end I'm ok with 54. For carrying long ladders, more track would be useful though.

Anyway, I took photos of the whole process but am new here so don't know how to post photos. I'm happy to share any info or tips if someone is wanting more flexibility in their roof rack system.
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