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Installing load resistors

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I changed to LED bulbs in the turn signals without knowing about load resistors. Now that I do know and have them how do I connect? The 2004 Element has a black and a green/yellow wire running to the bulb socket.

The bulbs and load resistors came from Auxito.

Thanks for your help.
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Just buy and install this relay. It goes near the fuse box under the steering wheel. Then you can put LEDs in all your blinkers without resistors.

2003-2011 Honda Element LED Turn Signal Flasher, EP34

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Excellent advice, I didn't know that this even existed. Thank you very much
Yes, thanks from me, too. The relay arrived today. It will be installed tomorrow. I’ll let you know the results.
It goes well! Signals blinking more slowly. Thanks for your advice.
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