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Instrument Lighting

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Is it possibleto change the color for the instrument lighting and the radio? :?: Have a SOP and would like to have an orange tint to the backlighting of the instruments and radio if possible.
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I was talking to the service manager at my Honda Dealer about this, he tells me that Honda has been receiving a hugh number of complaints about the lighting and readability of the Element dash, especially in day light.

According to him, Honda is going to be doingf something about it. I wanted to replace dash instrumentation and he told me to wait.

Lets hope Honda does something for us.
Is there some place on the Honda website where we can voice a complaint or monitor the progress of this issue? Nothing would make me happier than to see them address this problem.
Where does the line start? Who do I call?
Not really a prob, but none the less.
Pee pot designer must of been out in left field.
Do you think Honda will do anything about it now that you &
the bank own it? LOL I didn't think so.
Just my $0.02. djc
Honda might make changes based on the complaints to future models.
but they won't recall and make a change to everyones already owned vehicles unless it is safety related or court mandated.

You can think a big "NOT" is in order.

My 2cents

48 cents short of 50 cent
I have a terrible time reading the speedometer during the day. So much in fact that I find myself staring at it too long and not at traffic. I don't know if this is a safety issue with the E or with me :lol:
If you go to the Honda website, you will find this page:

It provides you with a phone/fax/mail option to send your complaint to Honda.

I complained about the poor instrument design. They called me back. They were nice, but didn't do much more than register my complaint.

But I suspect if enough of us say (as I did) that whether we buy another Honda or not will be determined by their ultimate response to our compaint, they may do something.

PS I just received a survey form asking how satisfied I was in dealing with Honda Customer Relations. So I've had two opportunities to complain.
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